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Diversity in Kidlit with Tanusri Prasanna

Webinar: Diversity in Kidlit with Tanusri Prasanna
Join us as we chat with Agent Tanusri Prasanna of Foundry Literary + Media about diversity in children’s literature and what she’s looking to acquire.
AUDIENCE: Writers and Illustrators

DATE AND TIME: February 28, 12 pm CST

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Being a Work for Hire Author with Rachel Ruiz

Webinar: being a work for hire author with Rachel Ruiz

Rachel Ruiz will discuss the ins and outs of being a Work For Hire author including her personal experience.


DATE AND TIME: March 28, 7 pm CST

Rachel Ruiz - Author

Rachel Ruiz is the author of several children’s books. She was inspired to write her first picture book, When Penny met POTUS, after working for Barack Obama on his re-election campaign in 2012.   When Rachel isn’t writing books, she writes and produces TV shows and documentaries. She lives in her hometown of Chicago with her husband and their daughter.

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