A Chat with Author Tamara Baker

Free October Webinar: A Chat with Author Tamara Barker

A Chat with Author Tamara Baker


This October we are chatting with author Tamara Barker!

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 9th at 7pm CST


Tamara Barker

About Tamara

Tamara is a graduate of Indiana University, Purdue University Columbus, and holds a Bachelor’s of science degree in nursing. She is a Certified Diabetes Educator and has been a nurse for over 13 years.
Her debut board book “Babies Around the World Dancing” is set for release September 17th by Duo Press, an Imprint of Workman Publishing.
She enjoys writing whenever she has a free moment, or journaling the wonderful and crazy moments that take place in her life. Music, books, comedy, and crafts were a household staple in Tamara’s childhood. She believes that these influences have all played a major role in her writing.
Being a true “Canuck” or Canadian, you may hear some “Eh’s” slip out of her mouth, when trying to finish up her sentences. You can find Tamara volunteering at shelters, her church children ministry, and The Greater Chicago Food Depository; also hanging out with her husband, two daughters, and dog at her home in Chicago, Illinois.
Book Cover: Babies Around the World Dancing by Tamara Barker and Violet Lemay